“Happy families may be all alike, as Tolstoy has remarked, but happy marriages are not, as Lucinda Franks allows us to know in this beautifully composed, painfully candid, and often very funny double portrait of the author (Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, writer, radical activist) and Robert Morgenthau (legendary district attorney of Manhattan for 35 years), who were married in defiance of nearly everyone who knew them after Franks, a young woman of 26, met Morgenthau, a widower of 53. Timeless is something of a defiant memoir as well, yet it also brims with tenderness, good humor, and a good deal of inside information about a number of Morgenthau’s most famous criminal cases including something of the background of 9/11.

As an intimate depiction of an unusual marriage, Timeless is unique; yet, in its delineation of the ever-shifting contours of married love, it is universal and archetypal—indeed, ‘timeless.'”
Joyce Carol Oates, novelist, playwright, essayist; author of the new novel, Carthage

“It’s rare for a book this candid and revealing to be so well written. The combination makes this a marvelous memoir, one with an honesty and exuberance that is unforgettable. With a reporter’s eye for detail and the narrative talents of a novelist, Franks brings alive a love story, a behind the scenes look at a high-profile marriage and the inside secrets of headline-connected criminal investigations This is a book you don’t want to put down and wish it were longer when you finish.”
Dan Rather, author of the memoir Rather Outspoken, investigative reporter and newscaster for Dan Rather Reports

“This book is a treasure: a shining love story, a fascinating slice of history, a paean to an extraordinary man. And a terrific read–honest, funny, daring, and beautifully written.”
—Francine Klagsbrun, author and columnist for The Jewish Week

“There is a surprise on almost every page of this book.  It is a remarkably intimate tale of passion and politics, of growing old and staying young. ”
Chris Wallace, Emmy-winning political journalist and anchor of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.  

“Lucinda Frank’s memoir is truly a “portrait of a marriage” in all its intimacy. “Lucinda” and “Bob”  – two highly accomplished, strong-willed individuals from different backgrounds, dedicated to separate professions, widely apart in age, sharply different in temperament – came to be bound together by the power of love. It is said all marriages may be different, with their own unique stresses and strains, but this one is a celelebration of life, a reflection of what human spirit can achieve.”
—Paul Volcker